Monday, December 5, 2022
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UK Scientists Found Genetic Factors Behind Serious Symptoms of Covid-19

The scientists in the United Kingdom have now identified several genetic factors that has been making certain people suffering serious symptoms from the novel corona virus than the others, which has been finding that can possibly help in developing more effective treatments for the disease.

The team that has been led by the researchers from the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom in the partnership along with the Genomics England that has been sequencing the genomes of 7,491 patients from the 224 ICU’s in the country.

The DNA had also been compared with 48,400 of the other people who do not had novel corona virus and that is another 1,630 cases who had been experienced the mild diseases, and by determining the whole genome sequence for all the participants in the study that has allowed the team for the purpose of creating a precise map and also identifying the genetic variation linked to the seriousness of the novel corona virus.

The team has also found the main differences in the 16 genes in the ICU patients when they are compared with the DNA of the several other groups, and their latest results are also explaining that, why some people have been developing the corona virus as the others are getting no symptoms at all.

Although, this has also been giving them a deep understanding of the process of the disease and has also been a big step forward in identifying more treatments effectively.