Google Opens First UK Center to Develop Technology for Disabled People


Google has established its first UK research and development center devoted to the creation of assistive technology for disabled individuals. The technology center in London will be developed by Google in collaboration with the Royal National Institute of Blind People, the disability charity “Everyone Can,” and the Royal National Institute of Blind People. The center is Google’s first accessible website outside of the United States.

Google’s upcoming technology could have significant implications for disabled individuals, according to reports. Today’s technology affects many aspects of everyday life, but for disabled people, it can literally change their lives.

There are numerous research teams at Google working on topics like artificial intelligence, and a number of engineers have been given the task of investigating the supercharging, mainstream technology.

According to Christopher Patnoe, a member of Google’s inclusion team, said that when people have equitable access to opportunity and information, they are aware that their needs are constantly shifting throughout their lives and they have more control over technology.

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Rachael Bleakley, who is deaf, said that when she was a child, she had trouble lip-reading, but the technology’s subtitles have changed everything.