US FDA Extends Shelf-Life of Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine by 6-Months


On Wednesday 28th July 2021, the United States Food and Drug Association (FDA) have again extended the dates of expiration on the novel corona virus vaccines developed by the company Johnson and Johnson providing the healthcare workers with 6 more weeks for using the millions of doses of the covid-19 vaccine shot.

The US FDA said in a letter written to Johnson and Johnson that, the corona virus vaccine shots remain effective and safe for around six months when they are properly stored and refrigerated, and it has been the second time, when the US FDA has extended the shelf life on the corona virus vaccines produced by Johnson and Johnson since the month of June, when the FDA said they can possibly be used for around 4.5 months.

The health authorities in several states of the country had recently warned that, they can possibly be forced for throwing out some thousands of the novel corona virus doses of the single-shot novel corona virus vaccine without any extension.

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This change has been responsible in giving more time to the health providers for using the remaining shots of the corona virus vaccines stored at the clinics, hospitals and pharmacies across the country, and the novel corona virus vaccination rates have also been increased again in the country as the highly dangerous Delta variant is spreading rapidly across many parts of the United States, and the expiration dates of the vaccine are mainly based on the information provided by the company.