US CDC Confirms Evidence Of Local Monkeypox Transmission


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States has found the evidence of the local transmission of monkeypox disease in the United States in addition to the cases where the people had travelled abroad.

The monkeypox cases are mainly occurring in the gay and bisexual men, but the women are also getting infected. Monekypox, has been a viral infection that is responsible for causing skin lesions and has been endemic in certain parts of Africa, but the current outbreak of monkeypox has hit the countries in several regions in North America, Asia and Europe, which are sparking concerns.

US CDC said, there had also been reports of the transmission monkeypox among the close contacts and family members. Dr. Agam Rao, staff member at US CDC said, they have also heard across the world regarding the close contacts such as the household members who share beds, towels and several other things in the house have now acquired the infection.

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The lesions that are associated with the current outbreak have are also smaller than the typical classic monkeypox. He also said that, hence it has not just been through the close and intimate contact that, the monkeypox is being spreading.