Twitter to Charge $8 for Blue Tick Verification Check Mark, says Musk


Twitter will charge 8 dollars per month to Twitter users who want a blue tick by their name that indicates a verified account, says Elon Musk. Elon Musk said that as part of the changes after the takeover of the company, it is essential to defeat spam or scam accounts on the platform.

According to some critics, this move could make it harder to identify reliable sources. Elon Musk continued by saying that paid Twitter users will have priority in searches and replies, and half as many advertisements.

But Elon Musk is facing a big challenge as he works to overhaul the business of Twitter, which has not posted any profit in years. Elon Musk added that he wants to decrease Twitter’s reliance on advertising. The announcement of the “blue tick” drew scepticism after original reports showed the charge could be 20 dollars monthly.

The former method of Twitter to verify users for a blue tick included a short online application form, and was mainly reserved for people whose identities were targets for impersonation, such as journalists, celebrities, and politicians. Twitter introduced the “blue tick” system in 2009, after the company faced a lawsuit accusing it of not doing enough to prevent imposter accounts.

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