Google Tests Issue of Catching Heart and Eye From Smart Phone Sensors


Google announced its latest plans for using the smartphones for the purpose of monitoring the heath of the people, and the company said, it is going to test whether capturing the sounds of heart and eyeball images can possibly help the people in identifying the issues from home.

Google is also investigating that, whether the built-in microphone of the smartphones can detect the murmurs and heartbeats when they are place over the chest of the people as said by Greg Corrado, head of health Artificial Intelligence. The readings can also enable the early detecting of the heart valve disorders.

Greg Corrado also said that, it has not been at the level of diagnosis but it has been at the level of knowing whether there has been an elevated risk. The company ‘Google’ said that, the eye research has been focusing on detection of the diseases like the diseases related to diabetes and the company also said that, it has reported some promising results by using the tabletop cameras in the clinics and are also going to examine whether the smartphone photos also work.

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Google is also planning to test whether the artificial intelligence software of the company can analyse the ultrasound screenings that are taken by the less-skilled technicians and the technology can possibly be responsible for addressing the shortages in the workers of high skills and also allowing the parents giving birth for being evaluated at their homes.