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Toyota To Use Innovative AI Technology To Its Factory Efficiency

Toyota Motor North America has been partnering with the Invisible AI for the purpose of using the artificial intelligence to provide help so that the company can make more intelligent decisions in the factories of the automobile company regarding the safety, quality and productivity. The automobile company and Invisible AI, a

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Toyota Acquires Software Company ‘Renevo’ for Accelerating Development of Self-Drive Tech

Woven Planet, a subsidiary of Toyota Motors said, it had now acquired Renovo, an automotive operating system software company for the purpose of providing help in accelerating the development of the completely autonomous connected vehicles. James Kuffner, head of Woven Planet said, he has been hoping to shave off the months

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Toyota Buys US Based Carmera to Bulk Up Driverless Technology

On Thursday, 14th July 2021, the research arm for Toyota Motor Corp., said, it has successfully acquired the US-based company ‘Carmera’, a provider of data and maps for the driverless vehicles, that has been responsible in marking the latest investment of the Japanese automobile company in the autonomous technology. The acquisition,

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