Toyota To Use Innovative AI Technology To Its Factory Efficiency


Toyota Motor North America has been partnering with the Invisible AI for the purpose of using the artificial intelligence to provide help so that the company can make more intelligent decisions in the factories of the automobile company regarding the safety, quality and productivity.

The automobile company and Invisible AI, a start-up company based in Austin, Texas said, the computer vision platform of Invisible AI is going to be installed in all the 14 manufacturing locations of Toyota Motor North America across the region of North America.

The system has been responsible for essentially putting the electronic eyes on every corner of the operation with the artificial intelligence technology for analysing any kind of issues. Eric Danziger, chief executive officer and founder of Invisible AI said, if the problems are not seen the they cannot solve them and what they are giving the Toyota Motor North America are the tools for being able to see more of what has been going on inside of their facility and they can then possibly go in and correct any problems along with making sure that, the people are now being safe.

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Toyota Motor North America is also planning to the system of Invisible AI for improving the quality along with the productivity and safety beyond the observations by the simple security cameras or humans.