Toyota Acquires Software Company ‘Renevo’ for Accelerating Development of Self-Drive Tech


Woven Planet, a subsidiary of Toyota Motors said, it had now acquired Renovo, an automotive operating system software company for the purpose of providing help in accelerating the development of the completely autonomous connected vehicles.

James Kuffner, head of Woven Planet said, he has been hoping to shave off the months and years to the launches of the minimum viable products, and a longer-term goal has been made to design the operating systems and software, which the automobile companies are also going to be used.

The company ‘Toyota’ has deployed a fleet of the driverless vehicles at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games for the purpose of showcasing the company’s autonomous technology. The company ‘Renovo’, based in the United States has also designed an operating system for the cars that has been responsible for managing the vehicle systems and it can also sort and filter the data for sharing, along with including the data, that can possibly help the car producers for improving the vehicle design.

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This latest acquisition by the subsidiary of Toyota comes after the company purchased Carmera in the month of August 2021, that has been providing the high definition and real time data and maps for all the driverless vehicles, and the company ‘Toyota’ has also established the company ‘Woven Planet’ in the month of January 2021 for the purpose of investing and developing the mobility with the artificial intelligence technology.