Figures: Toyota Overtakes GM to Lead US Sales in 2021


On Tuesday, 4th January 2021, according to the figures, Toyota, automobile company headquartered in Japan has become the leading company in the automobile sales across the United States in 2021 by over taking General Motors for the first time as the shortage of the semiconductors has been badly affecting the car industry across the globe.

The rankings came after a year during which the assembly lines of the automobile companies had been plagued by the shortage of the important computer chips, that has been ultimately resulted in the steep declines in the sales of the fourth-quarter for both the companies.

But despite all the challenges, Toyota has managed for growing the annual car sales in the United States by around 10.4 percent to 2.3 million cars and the General Motors have also suffered a decrease of 12.9 percent to 2.2 million cars sold in the United States.

The company ‘Toyota’ which has also been credited with a better management of the semiconductor chips problem as compared with several of the competitors, which has also seen small gains annually for two of the top-selling sedans of the company including the Corolla and Camry, and also a dip in the sales of the company’s compact SUV known as the Rav4, and also the Highlander SUV of Toyota has also scored high sales in the year 2021.

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