RSNA Launches Artificial Intelligence Certification Program for Radiologists in North America


As the applications of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) are now integrated into the clinical practice, the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) has now created a comprehensive program for the radiologists for the purpose of learning how to incorporate the Artificial Intelligence into the workflow of the radiology.

The RSNA Imaging Artificial Intelligence (AI) Certificate program has been the very first imaging artificial intelligence program that is specified by the radiology along with the curriculum based on the cases that had been blending the learning with the practical application.

The program has been developed as curriculum based on the cases, that has been blending on the learning on-demand with the practical application, and the RSNA Imaging Artificial Intelligence program has been providing the necessary education and it has also been delivering a pathway for all the radiologists including those who does not consider themselves as tech-savvy for the purpose of learning how to use and evaluate artificial intelligence technology efficiently for the purpose improving the everyday practicing their academic careers.

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According to an expert, this program has been one of a kind program that has been designed for the purpose of introducing the people to the artificial intelligence in the radiology. The interactive design of this program is going to be providing opportunities to the radiologists for learning through the on-demand videos that are tailored for the schedules of the radiologists.