Google Maps Launched Eco-Friendly Routes in the United States


The technology company ‘Google’ has recently announced the eco-friendly routes, which has been a feature the company has been first talking earlier 2021, has now been live for users of Android and iOS in the United States, along with providing support in the continent of Europe, which is going to be launched in 2022.

This routing option, that has been giving the drivers, the choice between the fastest and the most fuel-efficient route, has been clearly highlighting the efforts, and the Google Maps has also been getting two other new features, including a new lite navigation mode for the cyclists, that might be wanting the routing but does not want the directions turn-by-turn.

Russell Dicker, senior director of transportation at Google Maps said, with this new eco-friendly routing feature, they are always going to show the user the fastest route, and now the one that has been most fuel-efficient if it does not happen to be the fastest, and he also said that, with the help just few taps, they can possibly see the relative savings of the fuel between the different options along with the ETA difference if there had been one along with choosing the one that will be working best for the users.

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The company said, Google believes that, this new routing option is having the potential for allowing the users of Maps for the purpose of avoiding more than 1 million tons of the emissions of carbon per year, which has been the same as removing 200,000 cars from the road in the country.