Regulations Required to Stop the Misuse of AI Technology


Artificial Intelligence has, undoubtedly, made our lives easy by humanizing technology in several niches but cannot ignore the potential of causing harm it possesses. It is required to harness its power and a whole new approach to tackle tough ethical questions, as per the authors of an editorial published in a journal.

Mariarosaria Taddeo, one of the authors of this journal, stated: “From diagnosing cancer and understanding climate change to delivering risky and consuming jobs, AI is already showing its potential for good.” She added, “The question is how we can harness this potential? The potential for AI to do good is immense.” One major example of this potential is Google’s DeepMind, having an ability to look at around 50 problems.

The probable problems which come along with Artificial Intelligence is a lack of transparency beneath the algorithms. For examples: Researchers at Nvidia, a chip making company, developed an autonomous vehicle in 2016 and no one had an idea about how it was making its driving decisions. The problem here arises who to interrogate in case of any mistake.

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Previously this year, a group of researchers paved a way to put the decision in the hands of the human passenger by making an ‘ethical knob’ which would change a car’s setting from “full altruist” to “full egoist”.