Meta To Integrate Venues App To Horizon Worlds


The technology giant ‘Meta’ announced that, it is integrating the company’s Horizon Venues event experience into the company’s social virtual reality Horizon Worlds platform. Horizon Venues has currently been a separate app that is dedicated for attending the live events in the Virtual Reality that is using the same avatars as the Horizon Worlds.

On 6th June 2022, the users are going to be able for attending these live events directly within the Horizon Worlds and also the standalone Venues app is going to be discontinued. Meta said that, the users are going to be able for catching the marquee shows of the users starting from the live sporting events for concerts from the famous and hit artists and beyond and then also hitting up a comedy club all from the Horizon Worlds.

The company also said that, it has experimented with the portals between the Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues over the previous months and has also found that, the users are going to be able for experiencing a seamless increase between the two platforms through their integration.

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The users, who are above 18 years of age in Canada and the United States who are having the access to Horizon Worlds on the Quest 2 is going to be able for accessing the Venues programming in the Horizon Worlds app on 6th June 2022. Meta has also noted that, these users are still going to be able for catching the highlights and is replaying the Venues events in the Oculus TV.