UK: Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Netflix To Be Regulated Under New Government Plans


Under the new plans of the government of the United Kingdom, the streaming platforms have been set for being regulated like the linear broadcasters or the very first time in the United Kingdom.

Ofcom, an regulator of the United Kingdom, which is currently monitoring the content on the network television and is also going to be responsible for applying and enforcing the guidelines on Disney+, Netflix and several other streamers, which are not currently been subject to the Broadcasting Code of the United Kingdom.

The changes are going to be requiring the video on demand services for making sure that, their audiences are now protected from the offensive and harmful materials and that is also highlighting the fairness, privacy and accuracy are also applied.

The white paper, which has been launched by the United Kingdom has been outlining the possible fines for breaking the Code along with any errant VoD services that are liable for paying the 250,000 pounds.

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The linear broadcasters have also been pushing for the guidelines for being applied to the streamers for several years and Netflix has also responded to the proposal and it said that, they have welcomed the measures for updating the legal framework.

Netflix has also said that, they are now looking forward for reviewing the other proposals of the White Paper and is also continuing for engaging with the UK government on their plans.