Apple Eases Payment Rules for App Store Developers in Lawsuit Settlement


The technology company ‘Apple’ has announced that, it has now reached a settlement in a lawsuit that has been filed against the company by the developers in the United States, and this agreement, which had been still pending because of the approval from the court, that has also been including some charges, and the biggest one is that, the developers are going to be able to share the information on how to pay for the purchases outside of the Appstore.

This means that, the developers can be able to tell the customers about the options of the payment, which are not subject to the commissions of Apple, and this settlement has also been including more tiers of pricing and a new transparency regarding the review process of the app.

In the announcement, the company ‘Apple’ said, it is now clarifying that, the developers can possibly use the communications, like the emails for the purpose of sharing the information about the different methods of payment outside of their iOS app, and as always, the developers are not going to pay the company a commission on any of the purchases taking place outside of the App Stores.

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This process is also going to be allowing the developers for communicating with the customers of the app through email and several other communication services, that had been very difficult to do under the rules of the App Store, that mainly forbid the developers for using the contact information that has been obtained within the app for the purpose of contacting the users outside of the app.