US Senators Asks FTC To Investigate Google And Apple For Mobile Tracking


According to the reports, four of the Democratic US lawmakers have called in the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the United States for the purpose of investigating the companies including Apple and Google of Alphabet. They are now claiming that, the companies are now collecting and selling the personal data of the smartphone users and this is passed as a theft as well as a deceptive conduct.

In a signed letter to Lina Khan, chairman of FTC, the lawmakers said that, Google and Apple have placed specific advertising tracking IDs in the mobile operating systems, deliberately for the harmful activities.

The letter is also pointing out that, Google and Apple are still enabling the tracking ID by default and Apple also requires its users to perform the complex settings to turning it off as Google does not provide an option of opt-out and these IDs are simply generating a message that is connecting to a device that, the customer can possibly use for connecting to the other data regarding the consumer.

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Both the companies have been at the hub of the several investigations and controversies and in the month of May 2022, the authorities of Australia have made some conclusions on the antitrust issues of the App Store. Although, Apple is claiming that, it is having some serious concerns regarding the conclusions and Google is also kicking against the conclusion of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).