Google To Expand Its Cloud Support For Start-up Companies


The company ‘Google’ is going to be debuting the new cloud features, which is going to be providing help to the start-up companies, and this is going to be consisting of the many steps, that is including the alignment of the cloud technology start-up program along with the Google for the start-up companies.

The company is going to be making it so that, the customers can possibly enjoy a consistent experience across all of the company ‘Google’ and it is also going to let the founders of the start-ups for getting the access to the mentors of the company ‘Google’, along with the programs, products and the best practices of Google.

Additionally, the company is also wanting to keep supporting the founders of companies that are just starting out, and according to a blog from Google, the founders are often having a great need for the different kinds of the expertise and technology most particularly in the start-ups that are on the early stage.

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The blog has also reported that, the program is going to be covering the first year of the usage of the Google Cloud for the start-up companies, which are backed by the investors through the rounds of series A to around 100,000 dollars.

The company ‘Google’ said that, it is going to be making so that, the companies can start building on the Google Cloud at no cost, and this is also going to help them to focus more on building their businesses across the world.