US: General Motors Signs Deal to Source Lithium for Its EV Battery


The automobile giant, General Motors is going to be investing in a lithium project in United States, that can possibly become the largest in the country by 2024, which has been making General Motors one of the first companies to develop its own source of a battery metal, that is crucial for the electrification of the trucks and cars.

On Friday, 5th July 2021, the announcement of the deal comes as General Motors around the world have been scrambling for the access to the lithium and several other electric vehicles metals as the internal combustion engines have been phasing out.

The company ‘General Motors’ based in Detroit in US said, it is going to be making a multimillion-dollar investment in and also be helping them to develop the geothermal brine project of Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR) Ltd., located near Salton Sea of California, United States.

Tim Grewe, director of electrification strategy of General Motors said, this is going to apply in a sizable amount of the need for lithium of the company. General Motors have also denied for being more on the total amount invested, but the company also said that, the lithium from the project is going to be used for building the electric vehicles in the United States of America and the engineers and scientists of General Motors is going to visit the site once the travel restrictions related to the covid-19 end.

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This move of General Motors can possibly spark the other automobile companies for following the suit with similar type of the partnerships.