Expert: UK Government’s Covid-19 Efforts Should Target Unvaccinated People


A leading healthcare expert has said that, the efforts of the government of United Kingdom for the purpose of increasing the uptake of the corona virus vaccine jabs in the United Kingdom should be focusing on decreasing the number of the unvaccinated people rather than the booster covid-19 vaccine jabs in the United Kingdom.

As the Omicron covid-19 variant has been rapidly spreading across the United Kingdom towards the end of the year 2021, along with the ministers of the UK government and health advisors have been stressing that, the two doses of the corona virus vaccine have not been enough for the purpose of protecting the people against the new variant, which has been urging the eligible for taking up a booster doses of the vaccine as early as possible.

Prof Beate Kampmann, director of the vaccine centre based at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine said that, she think that, the corona virus vaccine booster programme might have reached the saturation point and it is the best time for concentrating on the people, who had not been vaccinated at all as the chances of the people dying has been eleven times more high than the fully vaccinated people in the country.

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When the decrease in the corona virus booster first became apparent, Maggie Throup, vaccine minister of the UK government said that, the public holidays and the Christmas break had been the main factors, but the ongoing increase has been suggesting that, there is more left.