Google Launched Reject All Button To Track Cookies In UK And Europe


After facing the fines from the consumer and market regulators of Europe, the technology company ‘Giant’ has introduced an equal ‘Reject all’ and ‘Accept all’ buttons for the purpose of tracking the cookies on the platforms of Google. This means that, if a user is visiting Search and YouTube in Europe as the user is signed out or in incognito mode will be seeing a new cookie consent choice.

Sammit Adhya, product manager, privacy, safety & security at Google said, this update, which has started earlier this month on the YouTube, is going to be providing the users with the equal Reject all and Accept all buttons on the first screen in the user’s preferred language.

The users can also still chose for customising their choice in more detail along with several more options, and the new cookie buttons has also been launched in France and also are going to be rolled out across the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Sammit Adhya also said that, before the long and users in the region is going to be having a new cookie choice and one of that can also be accepted or rejected along with a single click.

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Earlier 2022, the data protection agency CNIL of France has also fined Google 170 million dollars for the purpose of confusing the policies for tracking cookies. This new privacy policy said that, Google is not only going to impact on Search and YouTube but also the sites and content creators.