Microsoft to Help in Covering Travel Cost for Abortion for US Employees


On 9th May 2022, Microsoft Corp. said, the company is going to be extending its abortion and gender affirming the care services for the employees in the United States to include the travel expense assistance. Most of the companies, including the Yelp Inc., Levi Strauss & Co, Inc, Citigroup, has now already pledged for covering the costs for the employees of the United States who need to travel out of the state for the purpose of abortion.

Some of the major companies like the Walmart Inc. and Target Corp, have not weighed in since the leak of a draft of the Supreme Court that is going to be overturning the decision of the Supreme Court made in 1973 legalizing the abortion across the nation.

Microsoft is going to continue for doing everything they can under the law for the purpose of protecting the rights of the employees and supporting the employees in the accessing the critical healthcare, which is including the services such as abortion and care affirming the gender in the United States.

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A spokesperson of Microsoft said, this support from the company is now being extended for including the travel expense assistance for these and several other medical services where the access to care has been limited in the availability in an home geographic region of an employee.