Rabbinical Court Partnered With Google Cloud in Nimbus Project


The Israeli judiciary, The Rabbinical Court and Google Cloud has announced a collaboration for the purpose of accelerating the company’s cloud transformation journey. This new partnership is going to see the Rabbinical Court leveraging the infrastructure, applications and storage of Google Cloud for serving the Israeli citizens of the company in a better way.

Followed by the win of Google Cloud in the Nimbus tender for the purpose of delivering the cloud services to the government of Israel, the Rabbinical Courts has migrated most of its workloads to the Google Cloud along with minimum disruption to the business and also with a cost-effective deployment.

The Google Cloud is also needed for the purpose of designing a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution for the purpose of enabling dozens of the employees for working in a virtual environment from their homes safely and securely because of the novel corona virus pandemic.

Both the Rabbinical Court and Google Cloud will be collaborating for leveraging several products and services of Google Cloud including the infrastructure, applications and many more, and the Courts is going to be driving the operational efficiency and will also be creating more compelling experiences for the people of Israel.

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In this collaboration, the Courts are going to be piloting the Cloud Identity for the purpose of helping them in protecting the organizational data along with a wide variety of the multi-factor authentication (MFA) verification methods like the Google Authenticator and push notifications.