Facebook and Instagram Removed Posts Offering Abortion Pills


Facebook and Instagram have started removing the posts that are offering the abortion pills to the women, who might not be able for accessing them followed by a decision of Supreme Court that stripped away the constitutional protections for the procedure.

Such type of the social media posts has been aimed for helping the women living in the states where the pre-existing laws that are banning the abortion suddenly snapping into the effect in the coming days and that is when the high court has overruled the decision that has ruled the access to the abortion and a constitutional right.

The status updates and memes are also explaining that, how the women can legally obtain the abortion pills in the mail that had been exploded across the social media platforms and some have even offered to mail the prescriptions to the women that has been living in the states that is now banning the procedure.

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Both Facebook and Instagram has started removing some of the posts and just as millions across the United States had been searching for the clarity across the access to abortion. The general mentions of the abortion pills and also the posts mentioning the specific versions like the misoprostol and mifepristone and has suddenly spiked across Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and also the TV broadcasts.