Apple To reveal New Products In The Upcoming Months


The technology giant ‘Apple’ has been working on what is appearing to be a revamped HomePod which is going to look and sound similar to the original version and a report has been revealing that, Apple is also targeting 2023 as the launch of a new smart speaker.

As compared to the original HomePod has discontinued a year ago and the new model is also said to be powered by the S8 chip, which has been the same processor that is also going to power the forthcoming Watch Series 8 of Apple. It also remains to be seen how powerful the chips is going to be compared to the A8 processor on the original HomePod.

In 2021, Apple has also announced that, it is no longer going to sell the original HomePod in the market and the smart speaker has made its launch in the year 2017 and in spite of the brand name and exceptional audio quality and the HomePod had been commercial failure.

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The next generation HomePod has also been anticipated for months, but the question has been how the company ‘Apple’ is marketing the revamped HomePod and at what price. Apple also has another HomePod in the work and it can also be a smart speaker that is combined a HomePod, FaceTime camera and Apple TV, which has been similar to the Echo Show 10 of Amazon.