Dahua Technology USA Launches New VU-MORE Color Camera


Dahua Technology USA Inc., a provider of smart IoT solutions, has launched a new camera in their Lite Series that gives its users more options for the night-time illumination. The VU-MORE Color camera has dual IR and white-light illuminations that intelligently deploy the images based on the lighting conditions and motion in the scene.

The VU-MORE Color is designed to give users more control over the security camera’s lighting. As ambient light decreases in a scene, the camera also switches into the IR mode. The Smart Motion Detection+ feature mainly lets the camera analyse motion in the scene, differentiating human forms from animals and movements caused by weather.

The lightning mode is changed automatically when a person is detected in the scene, and also activates the white-light illuminators. When the person leaves the scene, the camera also goes back to the IR.

Jennifer Hackenburg, product marketing at Dahua USA, said when the white-light illuminators turn on, the new VU-MORE camera captures full-color details. When the IR is on, the camera also decreases light pollution, and avoids attracting insects and disturbing the neighbors.

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She also said that they have built the VU-MORE camera because they want to give security operators very precise control over the lighting functionalities of the camera.