European Union Removes US from its Safe Travel List


On 31st August 2021, the European Union Council has recommended that, the member states of the European Union are going to re-introduce the restrictions on the travellers coming from the United States of America because of the increase in the novel corona virus cases in the country.

The decision, which the European Union Council has announced on 30th August 2021, have reversed a decision, that has been taken in the month of June 2021, when the European Union had put the United States on the safe travel list for the summer holidays.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the previous week, the United States have reported 977,947 confirmed cases of the novel corona virus along with 7,394 deaths, which has been the most severe in the world, and the recommendation from the European Union has not been binding but the travellers from the United States and the regions are going to be facing the increased scrutiny and restrictions when the people of US will be travelling to the European nations.

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The European Council also said, this recommendation has been without the prejudice to the possibility for the member nations of European Union for the purpose of lifting the temporary travel restrictions on the non-essential travel to the European Union for the people who are fully vaccinated.

The criteria of the European Union for the purpose of determining the third countries for which the covid-19 travel restrictions should be lifted is mainly covering the epidemiological situation and the total response to the novel corona virus along with the reliability of the available sources of data and information.