Wipro and HERE Technologies Partnered to Offer Services and Analytics for Global Customers


On Tuesday, Wipro Ltd, an IT services company said, it has partnered with the HERE Technologies for the purpose of offering the services based on the location to the customers coming from the industries including manufacturing, utilities and energy, transport and logistics, automobile and telecommunications.

According to a report, Wipro and Here technologies are going to jointly develop the solutions in the areas including supply chain, logistics, asset tracking, smart-metering and analytics, private mapping for both outdoor and indoor asset tracking and the field workforce management.

A smart metering solution based on the Internet of Things (IoT), which is being developed by both the companies are going to provide better information to the customers on the consumption of the energy along with the management of the assets, and the mapping-as-a-service solution of HERE Technologies is going to enable the enterprises for creating the private maps in the field along with managing the autonomous vehicles in a more efficient way with the help of providing the information to the drivers on the routing time, along with the consumption of the fuel, speed and hazardous conditions.

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The tracking technology of HERE Technologies is going to help the customers of Wipro to track and monitor their field engineers, assets and also the supply chains on the basis of real-time for both outdoor and indoor services along with providing the analytics to build the efficiencies of operation.

Sarat Chand, managing director and regional head at Wipro Ltd said, they are very happy to partner with HERE Technologies for the purpose of developing the customized solutions for their customers, who require the location as the main component of the services.