FIFA World Cup 2018: Ended On a Dramatic Note


Full 31 days of thrilling and exhilarating performance involving 32 countries ended on 15th July 2018 with France taking the winner title home. Even though Croatia couldn’t make it, the competition was undoubtedly neck-to-neck and they played really well. Croatia was finally able to bag their position in the finals for the first time. While making their debut, Croatia managed to beat Denmark, Russia, and England. Whereas France made their way in grabbing the “winner” title by defeating Argentina, Uruguay, and Belgium in those five weeks.

Apart from the huge rave of France vs. Croatia, England largely caught everyone’s eyes while going back home because of not being able to make in the semi-finals. England’s fans were in a state of huge despair when Croatian team slammed England by making two extra goals in the second time.

Whenever discussed football teams, England has always topped the list. However, after a trail of poor performances in FIFA 2018, it has been loathed by a number of memes ruling the social media. The disappointment could be seen when the taglines went from “It’s coming home!” to “They are coming home”.

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On this, Daniel Sturridge, an English footballer, who plays as a striker, made a profound appeal to the fans for to not to abhor the England team.

Where there was criticism all around for England on various social media platforms, legends from Cricket fraternity like Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh went on for cheering and praising England.

On their defeat, England spoke about being proud for grabbing their position in the top four.


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