Apple Inc. Faced New Lawsuit In United Kingdom


Apple Inc. has been facing a new lawsuit in the United Kingdom that can seek hundreds of millions of pounds in the compensation for the iPhone users after it had been accused of misleading the customers on a controversial power management tool.

Justin Gutmann, who is a market researchers has now applied to the Competition Appeal Tribunal for the approval for bringing a collective action on behalf of the iPhone users in the United Kingdom. The new suit can possibly sweep up as many as 25 million people, who has bought the models of iPhone from 6 through to the iPhone X if it will be successful.

The new suit alleges that, Apple has abused its dominant market position by giving information to the customers that, the software updates from the late 2016 along with the improved battery life of the devices.

Justin Gutmann said that, Apple has concealed a power management tool in the updates for hiding that, the batteries of the phone could not handle the new processing demands of the software which has caused the shutdowns and glitches.

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A spokesperson of Apple said that, they have never and will never do anything for intentionally shortening the life of any apple product and degrading the user experience for the purpose of driving the upgrades of the customers.