EUROGERM has been strengthening its presence in the region of North America along with the creation of the EUROGERM KB LLC, which is a merger of EUROGERM USA and KB INGREDIENTS, which is a specialist in the packaging, manufacturing and distribution of the food ingredients.

With the help of this merger, the EUROGERM group has been acquiring the strategic assets for the development in the United States, the Caribbean and Canada and the complementary assets and the combined expertise between the two companies, which is specialized in the bakery ingredients and is going to make it possible for supporting the current and future customers of North America along with the responsiveness and optimal efficiency.

The KB INGREDIENTS production and packaging plant is going to be increasing the production and distribution capabilities of EUROGERM in North America and the EUROGERM USA, is going to be providing access to the various elements of expertise of the company including CSR, global sourcing, R&D, regulatory compliance, training and sensory evaluation.

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The creation of the EUROGERM KB LLC has been offering the customers and vendors in the market of North America with the opportunity for working with an innovative and agile partner along with benefits from the support of an international group.

Ben Kansakar, chief executive officer of EUROGERM USA said that, they are very happy with the merger between the two companies and the merger is going to allow them to strengthen the proximity with their customers for developing and offering the new expertise especially in the field of pastry.