UK Government Awards 37-Million Pounds in Clean Energy Technology


The government of the United Kingdom awards innovative biomass energy projects across the United Kingdom funding of 37 million pounds, and the UK government drives forward its plans to scale up domestic renewable energy production, including from biomass.

Biomass, which is a sustainable plant material, can be used to generate biofuels, and sustainable aviation fuels, and also helps in creating chemicals for household cleaning products, and bio-plastics. The ability of biomass to deliver at scale has already been proven, and has generated 12.6 percent of total electricity in the United Kingdom in 2020.

Greg Hands, energy minister of the United Kingdom, said accelerating home-grown renewable sources such as biomass is an important part of ending their dependency on expensive, and volatile fossil fuels. He added that this 37 million pounds investment from the government will support innovation across the United Kingdom, with boosting jobs and ensuring greater energy security for the upcoming years.

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Backed by the independent Climate Change Committee of the United Kingdom, biomass will form an important part of the future renewable energy mix of the United Kingdom, which will be vital for ensuring the energy security of the country and decreasing its reliance on expensive fossil fuels.

These projects will boost biomass productivity in the United Kingdom, through planting, breeding, harvesting, and cultivation of organic energy materials.