Report: New York Seeks To Expand Health Insurance to Ineligible Immigrants


According to the reports, around 46,000 people in the city of New York, who are currently ineligible for the public health programs because of the immigration status is going to gain access to the health insurance coverage under the proposed state legislation.

This new bill is now being debated as a part of the process of state budget along with both the Senate and Assembly including the bill in the proposals of the one-house budget. The legislation is going to be establishing an Essential Plan funded by the state for the people of New York giving at around 200 percent if the federal poverty level, who are now currently excluded from the coverage of health insurance because of the status of immigration.

Elisabeth Benjamin, vice president of health initiatives at the Community Service Society of New York said, New York can possibly step up and also doing the right thing. She also said that, and the price has been right.

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New York should possibly be a progressive leader in the process of promoting the health equity and the expansion of the health coverage to the undocumented adults has been a good fiscal and moral policy, and the bill is still remain unclear of Hochul, who is a democrat is going to be approving the bill supported by the legislature controlled by the Democrat.