Intel and Apple Become First Companies to Adopt Latest Chip Technology of TSMC


According to sources, the technology companies Intel and Apple have been successfully emerged as the first companies for adopting the next-generation chip production technology developed by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., (TSMC) ahead of the deployment as early as in 2022.

The development is showing that, the company TSMC have been continuing to be vital to the chip ambitions of the companies in the United States, even as the government of United States is making the attempts for bringing more semiconductor manufacturing to the America soil.

According to the sources, both Intel and Apple are testing their chip designs with the 3-nanometre production technology of TSMC, along with the commercial output of such types of chips has now been expected to start in the second of 2022. The nanometer mainly refers to the width between the transistors that are place on a chip.

According to the company TSMC, the 3-nanometre technology can possibly increase the computing performance of the chips by 10 percent to 15 percent as compared with the 5-nanometer technology, along with decreasing the consumption of the power by 25 to 30 percent.

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The sources also said, the iPad of the company Apple is likely going to be the first devices, which are going to be powered by the processors developed by using the 3-nanometre technology. The company ‘Intel’, which is US’s largest chip producers, has also been working with the company TSMC on at-least two 3-nanometre technology projects for the purpose of designing the CPUs for the data center servers and notebooks.