Friday, December 2, 2022
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Oxford’s BMW Mini Facility Production Halted Due To Chip Shortage

The production at the BMW Mini plant based in Oxford has been stopped for a week because of a global shortage of the computer chips, and the company ‘BMW’ said that, it had been standing down the production at the company’s factory based in Cowley and had also been monitoring the situation very closely. The announcement has come after the company has suspended the production of the car for three days in the month of April 2021 because of the shortage of the chips.

The manufacturing companies around the world have been struggling for the purpose of securing the supplies of the semiconductor chips, and the chips have been very vital to the modern cars, along with the features that have been including the automatic emergency brakes, touchscreen controls, fuel efficiency equipment, airbag deployment systems and the reversing cameras all are relying on the chips.

The company ‘BMW’ said that, as a result of the shortage of the semiconductor chips across the world, a problem that has been affecting the automobile industry for the year 2021, the facility at Oxford has been making several short-term adjustments to the production schedule of the company.

The company said, it is going to be monitoring the situation very closely and they are in constant communication with the suppliers and associates of the company, when the company was asked for comments and around 3,500 workers have been based at the plant that are normally producing around 5,000 cars a week.