Meta Planning to Launch ‘Metaverse Academy’ In France


Meta and a digital training company of France are going to launch a metaverse academy in the country of France for the new academic year as said by the company on Sunday, 12th June 2022.

As seen the next great technological development of the internet, the metaverse has been referring to an immersive digital world that has been aiming for recreating the real life through the augmented or virtual reality and also taking the web from 2D to 3D.

The goal of the school in the company’s first year is going to be training for free around 100 students in two roles, including specialist immersive technology developers and providing support and assistance to the technicians, as said by Laurent Solly, vice president of Meta for southern Europe.

Frederic Bardeau, co-founder and head of Simplon, the French company working with Meta said, the teaching method is going to be in-person and revolve around the projects along with a focus on the 3D world and the interactions in the virtual universes.

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The particular attention is going to be paid to the diversity, and Laurent Solly said, the target had been for the 30 percent of the first batch to be women and Frederic Bardeau said, he is not going to look at the CVs of the applicants and endorse the positive discrimination.

The goal has been tied to the predictions that, ten future job skills have been demanded by the employers is closely going to be tied with the metaverse.