Twitter Announced Prices for Twitter Blue Services in India


India’s subscription fees for Twitter Blue have been made public. This clearly indicates that users in India will now have to pay to use Twitter Blue’s services, which include numerous features.

In India, users would need to pay 900 rupees per month for both Android and iOS devices in order to use the Twitter Blue mobile services. Users will pay Rs 650 per month for a subscription plan purchased online.

Remember that paid users of Twitter Blue have access to a slew of features, including the ability to undo a tweet, early access to some features, an edit tweet button, the capability to post videos that are longer and of higher quality, and prioritized chat rankings. The company claims that the number of advertisements displayed on a user’s home timeline by Twitter Blue subscribers will now be reduced to half of what it was previously.

In addition, Twitter Blue users will have access to the Spaces tab, the ability to set custom app icons, themes, custom navigation options, unlimited bookmarks, and the ability to bookmark folders, among other benefits.

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In addition, Twitter disclosed that new subscriptions to Twitter Blue are currently only available on the web, iOS, or Android in India, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia, and Indonesia, with plans to expand to additional nations.

The company says that new users who signed up for Twitter Blue have to have created their accounts more than 90 days ago. In addition, in order to sign up, all Twitter Blue subscribers will need to confirm their phone number.