Friday, December 2, 2022
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Instagram Launches New Safety Tools for Parents in US

Meta has announced a new set of the tools that was designed for the purpose of protecting the young users on Instagram, which has been an overdue response to the large criticism, which the company does not do enough for the purpose of protecting the most vulnerable users of Instagram.

The lawmakers, technology watchdogs and parents have been long calling for the company for doing more for the purpose keeping the teens safe on Instagram that is inviting anyone who is older than 13 years of age for the purpose signing up for an account.

To that end, Meta is also going to be introducing something the company is calling as Family Center, which has been a centralized hub of the safety tools that, the parents are going to be able for tapping into the controlling what the kids can possibly see and do across the apps of the company starting with Instagram.

The new set of the supervision features has been lending the guardians and parents some of the most crucial transparency into the Instagram habits of the young users, and the tools are also going to be allowing the parents for the purpose of monitoring how much time the young users are spending on the app, along with being updated regarding the accounts that they have followed lately and who had been following the users along with receiving the notifications regarding any of the accounts, which the young users have reported on Instagram.