UK Donates Two Million Medical Items To Ukraine


More than 2 million items of the medical supplies have donated to Ukraine by the United Kingdom for the purpose of helping the country for coping up with the medical emergency that has been caused by the invasion of Russia.

The medical items are mostly including the vital medicines, along with the wound packs and intensive care equipment that has been donated by the NHS England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have also been flown to the region on around 10 flights for the past three weeks that will be leaving from the airports including Heathrow and Stansted.

The latest flight has been left from the Heathrow airport London that has been carrying thousands of the doses of the medicine that is including the painkillers along with the another flight, and followed by the urgent request from Ukraine, which has been a refrigerated truck that is left for the region on carrying the injections of insulin and the drugs have also been critical for the surgery that is going to be saving tens of thousands of the lives of the people of Ukraine.

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The government of the United Kingdom has also been working closely with the officials of Ukraine for the purpose of delivering the targeted support for the purpose ensuring the medical items have been reaching the people who have been needing them most.

Sajid Javid, health secretary of the United Kingdom said, they are now leading the humanitarian effort for supporting Ukraine by providing the targeted medical support for the people, who are in need.