Google Earth Observation Data Now Available for Governments Worldwide


After getting restricted to researchers, non-profit organizations and academia for more than a decade, Google is opening access of the company’s Earth Engine to all the commercial and government entities across the world.

In a statement on June 27, 2022, Google said that its move is reflecting demand from the companies and government authorities across the world to step up the sustainability efforts, which the Earth Engine of Google can also help in enabling.

The Google Earth Engine is one of the largest in the world, publicly available collections of Earth observation data. The latter is continuously scrolling a stream of Earth observation imagery from a host of satellites that are deployed in the orbit around Earth, along with several other imagery resources to offer a constant and near-live feed of earth imaging data to the people who have access to the platform.

Such data, in mixture with geospatial cloud computing platforms integrated into the Google Earth Engine, offering analytics and insights on different factors pertaining to a region like climate data, impact and possibility assessment of natural disasters, management of diseases in different regions.

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A pilot access project has already been live, where SC Johnson, a multinational consumer chemicals organization based in the United States, has used Google Earth Engine to develop some predictive models of mosquito populations across the Earth. Such types of models used available mosquito breeding patterns.