GLE Partnered With US Companies to Provide Support to Laser Enrichment Commercialization


GLE (Global Laser Enrichment) has executed of a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) with Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy Carolinas to develop areas of cooperation and mutual interest in the nuclear fuel supply chain. GLE has recently executed a similar LOI with Constellation Energy Generation.

The LOI with Duke will identify a number of some important areas of potential cooperation including providing support to deployment of GLE of SILEX laser enrichment technology in the United States of America and the potential acceleration of commercialization timelines.

Michael Goldswarthy, CEO of SILEX, said the LOI between Duke Energy and GLE is another positive step in advancing strategy of GLE to commercialization the SILEX technology and supporting the diversification of domestic US uranium, enrichment and conversion capabilities and capacity.

He added, as the government of the United States ramps up initiatives to rebuild company’s domestic nuclear fuel supply chain and decreasing its independence on nuclear fuel imports, specifically from Russia, and they anticipate engagement of GLE with US nuclear power generators will provide help in supporting the commercialization of SILEX technology.

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Duke Energy is one of the biggest energy companies in the United States, which operates in 11 major nuclear power units across six sites in the regions of South Carolina and North Carolina. SILEX said, while no decision has been made yet, Cameco and Silex are now reviewing the feasibility of accelerating commercialization programme of GLE to the emerging opportunities, subject to the alignment with evolving market conditions.