GiG Partners With Tier 1 UK Retail Operator To Supply Managed Service Solution in UK


Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG), has now partnered with a Tier retail operator in the United Kingdom for the provision of the company’s turnkey managed service solutions. The turnkey solution is also including the technical platform, along with fully managed services, frontend development, gaming content, CRM, marketing and compliance and all are powered by the unique data of GiG and the logical solutions based on the rules.

GiG is going to be providing the company’s fully managed solution for the purpose of operating the online casino as phase one along with the expansion into the future verticals that has been planned for the second phase of the partnership.

It is also anticipated that, the complete contract is going to be signed during the months of May or June 2022 and is going to be for an initial that is fixed of three years along with the go-live that has been projected for being in the second half of the year 2022 along with an expected positive contribution from the fourth quarter of 2022 onwards.

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The online casino market of the United Kingdom has been one of the biggest across the globe and both the parties are very excited for attacking the market with a force with a strong retail brand, along with the quality of the product by focusing on the user experience, and retail to the online conversion and also the highest standards of the responsible gaming and customer support.