T-Mobile and Altice USA Expands MVNO Agreement for Optimum Mobile


The company ‘T-Mobile’ and Altice USA have now expanded a MVNO agreement through which, the company ‘T-Mobile’ is going to be continuing to serve as the country wide network for the Optimum Mobile Service for the Altice USA. The agreement has come at a time when the broadband and mobile offerings and the bundles have become increasingly very important to the cable operators in the United States.

Matt Marino, executive vice president of the consumer services for the ALtice USA said, as they have been continuing to evolve and grow their Optimum Mobile Service and they are very much pleased for reaching a new agreement with the T-Mobile that is making sure that, their mobile customers are going to continue to benefit from the nationwide network of T-Mobile.

Matt Marino also said that, in addition for accessing the largest 5G network of the United States, the agreement has been enabling the Optimum Mobile Service for providing more flexibility and value to the customers and when they are mixed with the company’s Optimum and Suddenlink broadband service, along with delivering a 360-degree seamless connectivity experience everywhere.

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Daniel Thygesen, senior vice president of T-Mobile Wholesale said that, they are very excited for the expansion and extension of their partnership with the Altice USA on the network of T-Mobile along with a fast and reliable service to the subscribers of Optimum Mobile Services of Altice USA.