CorePath Laboratories Partnered With Cizzle Biotechnology To Develop Simple Blood Test For Detecting Lung Cancer


CorePath Laboratories is excited for announcing a partnership with Cizzle Biotechnology, a diagnostic developer based in the United Kingdom for the purpose of developing and offering a priority in the early-stage lung cancer test throughout the United States of America.

Lung Cancer has been the main cause of cancer deaths in the United States of America, which is making up around 25 percent of all cancer related deaths and every year, more people have died if lung cancer than of the other cancers such as colon, prostate and breast combined together.

Dr. Aamir Ehsan, chief executive officer and medical director of CorePath said, as being a molecular geneticist and board-certified hematopathologist, diagnosing the cancer disease has been hurting especially when the cancer disease has already been in the patients. As the efforts are now underway for finding the actional genetic mutations for the purpose of targeting the treatment and also improving the survival, along with early detection and invention have been the main long-term survival and cure of the patients.

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Allan Syms, executive chairman of Cizzle Biotechnology said, the lung has been the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States and is also a major health problem across the globe and this is because for many people and detection of lung cancer only happens when it has now become symptomatic and hence more advanced which means the survival rates of 5 years are still poor.