ForSight Robotics Raises $55-Million Fund to Develop World’s First Robotic Cataract Surgery Procedure


ForSight Robotics, a robotic eye surgery startup, has completeted its series A funding round with an investment of 55 million dollars to advance its robotic surgical platform ORYOM. ORYOM, which is named after the Hebrew word for ‘daylight’, will be the first platform of its kind to offer complete robotic cataract surgery.

ORYOM uses microsurgical robotics, machine learning, and computer visualization and has already been used successfully in multiple cataract procedures on an animal eye model by a number of ophthalmic surgeons.

According to ForSight, ORYOM is showing 10 times the accuracy and perfection of human surgeons doing the same procedure. The funds that are raised will be used to accelerate ORYOM through the clinical trials, and will allow ForSight to expand its offerings of the platform to treat a wide range of retinal diseases like glaucoma.

The company also hopes to bring these procedures to people with limited healthcare access, tackling the current disparity. Dr. Daniel Glozman, chief executive officer of ForSight, said their main goal is to democratize the highly sophisticated procedure, which will enable patients around the world to easily access the treatment that can restore the company’s vision.

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This funding round was led by the Adani Group, alongside existing investors Eclipse Ventures, and Mithril Capital.