Boris Johnson Signals Early End to Coronavirus Self-Quarantine Rules in UK


Boris Johnson, prime minister of the United Kingdom has announced that, all the novel corona virus regulations including the requirement of self-quarantine are going to end in the United Kingdom in two weeks.

The prime minister of the United Kingdom has moved the plan ahead by one month by saying that, the change has been showing that, the hard work of the people of the United Kingdom has been paying off, and it is also setting the country on a different course from several other countries that are continuing to enforce the quarantine people along with the fines and penalties even at the time of easing the restrictions.

Several scientists are warning that, Boris Johnson has been risking the lives by giving a signal that, the covid-19 pandemic is completely over as the unions said that, he had been going very far and way too early in the process of focusing to end all the domestic covid-19 rules and restrictions in the United Kingdom on Thursday, 24th February 2022.

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The government of the United Kingdom is going to be setting out the guidance but it has also confirmed that, the people of the country are going to be advised for avoiding going to work if they have been tested positive for the corona virus even though there are no current legal obligations and fines.

For now, the people, who are having the virus can leave their houses after getting a negative rapid covid-19 test result on the fifth or sixth day of their quarantine period.