Research: Covid-19 Vaccines Saved Lives of Around 280,000 People in US


According to the new estimates made by the researchers at the Commonwealth Fund and Yale University, the novel corona virus vaccines have saved lives of the people of United States, and they have also been able to prevent more than a million hospitalizations in the country.

The researchers have also compared the recent and actual trends in the corona virus cases, along with the deaths and hospitalizations against model of the trends, that have been if there were no covid-19 vaccinations available.

By the end of June 2021, the researchers have also estimated that, there would have possibly been around 280,000 additional deaths in the country because of the novel corona virus, which is around 46 percent more than there are currently. Around 1.25 million additional hospitalizations would have been made, if there would have been no corona virus vaccinations.

If the novel corona virus had been progressed at half of the speed that they actually did, and around 121,000 more people, which might have been died and over 450,000 more people have been hospitalized, and at the time of briefing Thursday, 8th July 2021, the government of the United States of America, Jeff Zients, the covid-19 response director said, this new research has been a new strong reminder about what has been at stake in their corona virus vaccination efforts.

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He also said, the has also been a further evidence, which the strategy of the government of the United States has now been working and it has also been prevented the people from disruption and tragedy in the lives of the people.