AstraZeneca and Huma Partner to Accelerate Innovation for Digital-First Patient Care


Huma Therapeutics Limited, a digital health technology company has announced partnership with AstraZeneca for the purpose of scaling the innovation of digital health. This partnership has been following the prior use cases have been executed between AstraZeneca and Huma has been reflecting a shared ambition for the purpose of improving the clinical outcomes through the digital health solutions for bridging the gap between the clinicians and patients.

Dan Vahdat, chief executive officer of Huma said that, their track record of scaling the innovation has now set the stage for the important partnership along with one of the biggest biopharmaceutical companies of the world and he is very excited for having the support of AstraZeneca to build upon their decade long experience of delivering the digital-first solutions across the clinical and healthcare trials.

Dan Vahdat also said that, the combination of pioneering the leadership, along with deep medical knowledge and digital innovation is going to be enabling their platform for helping more people to live longer and fuller lives.

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Karan Arora, chief commercial digital officer of AstraZeneca said that, this partnership has been marking an important moment as it is a first for the company in the space of digital health and also in the industry for the chronic diseases in the support of the different types of the treatments. He also said that, with Huma, they are now accelerating the ambition of AstraZeneca for achieving the early diagnosis and treatment for the patients along with the chronic diseases so that they can lead better.