Apple to Open its Flagship Store in Mumbai, India


According to the reports Apple, a global technology powerhouse, will soon open two retail locations in India, one in New Delhi and one in Mumbai in April 2023. The 22,000 square feet According to two unidentified sources, the store in Reliance Industries’ Jio World Drive mall in Mumbai will be a retail landmark, much like Apple’s locations in Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Milan, and Singapore.

The Delhi store will be spread out over 10,000 square feet in the Select Citywalk mall in Saket. and is scheduled to launch sometime between April and June, possibly just a few days after the opening in Mumbai. The opening date of the flagship store will be determined by the manufacturer of the iPhone based on the availability of global executives.

It is likely that Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and People, Deirdre O’Brien, will attend. Two executives, on the other hand, stated that it is still unknown whether CEO Tim Cook will attend the unveiling. According to the sources, the business is currently testing its operations in the stores.

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Cook stated earlier in January 2023 that he is very bullish on India in light of the company’s quarterly revenue record in the nation. However, for the quarter that ended on December 31, 2022, it fell short of revenue and profit expectations.

India is a major focus for us and a hugely exciting market. In 2020, Apple installed the online store there. Apple Retail will soon be available there. Apple has placed a significant emphasis on the market. The chief executive of Apple also said that, there has been a lot going from financing options and trade-ins to make products more affordable and give people more options to buy.