Around 100,000 People Trapped in Mariupol of Ukraine


Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine said that, around 100,000 people have been trapped among the ruins of the city of Mariupol of Ukraine, and the people are facing the starvation, along with thirst and relentless bombardment from Russia as the United Nations has now sharpened the demands for Russia for ending the country’s unwinnable war.

According to the Human Rights Watch, tens of thousands of the people of Ukraine have been already fleeing the besieged the southern port city, that has been bringing the harrowing testimony of a freezing along with the dead bodies and also destroyed the buildings in the city.

Volodymyr Zelensky said that, over 7000 people had now escaped in the past 24 hours but one group, which has been travelling along an agreed humanitarian route in the western region of the city had been simply captured by the occupiers, and he has also warned that, most of the thousands has been more valuable for leaving as the humanitarian situation has been worsening.

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The president of Ukraine also said that, today, the city of Mariupol has still be around 100,000 people in the inhuman conditions in the country, and without food, medication, water under the constant bombing and shelling and the president has also been renewing the calls for the country of Russia for allowing the safe humanitarian corridors for the people of Ukraine to escape from the city.